MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Ex Wants Me Dead by Orlando Kallen

Ex Wants Me Dead by Orlando Kallen is a track that truly showcases the
immense talent and potential of this young Australian artist. At just 18 years old,
Kallen’s ability to blend various musical influences and create a unique sound is
nothing short of impressive. With a diverse cultural background and a foundation in Pop
and Rock, he draws inspiration from a wide range of artists, which undoubtedly
contributes to the depth and richness of his music.
One of the standout features of this track is its impeccable production. The
rhythm is not only splendid but also marked, creating an immediate and lasting impact
on the listener. The well-accompanied instruments, including guitars, keyboards, and
percussion, contribute to a tightly crafted musical arrangement that’s both engaging and
infectious. Kallen’s vocal skills are a highlight here, as his voice effortlessly blends with
the instrumentation, showing his ability to reproduce tones with remarkable precision.
What truly sets Orlando Kallen apart is his exceptional versatility in producing
different tones throughout the song. His vocalisation is flawless, and he effortlessly
navigates the various nuances of the track. Whether it’s conveying the emotions behind
the lyrics or delivering a captivating melody, Kallen’s vocal prowess shines brightly.
His ability to convey the emotions of the song is particularly striking, as he captures the
essence of his ex’s smile and emotions with remarkable authenticity.
As for the song itself, Ex Wants Me Dead stands out in the pop-dance genre. It
offers a refreshing departure from the typical themes and sounds often associated with
this genre. The chorus is not just catchy; it’s downright compelling and unforgettable.
The lyrics carry a deeper message, making the listener reflect on past relationships and
emotions, adding a layer of thought-provoking complexity to the track.
From the very beginning, this song has the potential to become an instant hit. It’s
evident that a great deal of effort and attention to detail went into its creation. Orlando
Kallen’s Ex Wants Me Dead is a thoroughly pleasurable listening experience. It’s a
standout single that combines expressive tones, pure vocals, and top-notch production.
On balance, Orlando Kallen’s emergence onto the global music stage with Ex
Wants Me Dead is a moment to watch closely. With his undeniable talent, versatility,
and ability to craft music that’s both catchy and stimulating, he is poised to make a
significant impact in the music industry. This track is just a glimpse of what he has to
offer, and it’s a compelling invitation to dive into his debut EP, Leave Me Bleeding,
released on September 15, 2023. If you appreciate fabulous production and genuine
musical talent, Orlando Kallen’s music is a must-listen, and Ex Wants Me Dead is a
prime example of his potential.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion