“Ronnie’s Musical Journey: From ‘Bye Bye Babe, Goodbye’ to 50 Years with Ruphus – A Tale of Timeless Talent and Lasting Legacy”

The song ”Bye Bye Babe, Goodbye” is actually a true story, and the song
was re-produced and re-released by Wolf Entertainment in the summer on
2023with Ronnie as the singer.
It was written around 1977, and Ronnie wanted to make his own version
dedicated to the world 2023.

In 1991, he got the first gold record for it, and in 1992 , he received
the next one. In 2007, a young artist sung it on the Norwegian Idol.
Ronnie is a songwriter, artist and music maker who is still very active
on stage and in life.

He is also a member of the Norwegian rock band Ruphus, which
has fans all over the world. They are celebrating 50 years anniversary the 25 of
October in Oslo in Rockefeller Music Hall with a concert to celebrate their first album
”New Born Day”.

In 1976, Ronnie was number one in ”European Top Ten” with a song called
”Wandering Man”. He is now working in the studio to produce a new
rerecording of that song, and we are looking very much forward to
release it with help from Wolf Entertainment.
Ronnie Sun send his love to all listeners around the world!