MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Cause I had you By Stephen Wrench

Stephen Wrench’s Cause I Had You is a soulful and touching journey into the
heart of Americana music. As a seasoned musician with a diverse background, Wrench
brings a wealth of experience to his craft, and this song is a testament to his talent as
both a singer and a songwriter.
The track’s lyrics delve into the highs and lows of life’s journey, particularly the
challenges and sacrifices that come with it. The verses paint a picture of a relationship
that has weathered the storms of life, with the narrator reflecting on the hurdles faced
along the way. Despite the difficulties, the song’s central theme revolves around the
idea that having someone special by your side makes all the difference. This emotional
core resonates deeply with listeners, making the song relatable and heartfelt.
Musically, Cause I Had You boasts a classic Americana sound, combining
acoustic guitar and dobro to create an authentic and timeless vibe. The instrumentation
complements Wrench’s vocals, allowing his soulful voice to take centre stage. His voice
carries a sense of wisdom and sincerity, which pairs perfectly with the song’s
introspective lyrics.
Wrench’s performance shines throughout the song, exposing his ability to
convey honest emotion and vulnerability. The chorus, with its catchy and melodic
phrasing, invites the listener to join in and become a part of the emotional journey. The
track’s production feels raw and unfiltered, evoking a sense of intimacy that enhances
the song’s emotional impact.
In conclusion, Cause I Had You by Stephen Wrench is a beautiful and evocative
track that captures the essence of Americana music. With its touching lyrics, genuine
vocals, and timeless instrumentation, the song strikes a chord with its listeners,
reminding us all of the importance of love, companionship, and perseverance in life’s
journey. As Wrench prepares to unveil his solo debut album, this single sets a promising
tone for what’s sure to be an exciting and appealing musical adventure. So, I would
highly recommend taking the opportunity to listen to it.

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