MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Tu dove sei by Riccardo Vello

Riccardo Vello is a self-taught musician from Tuscany, Italy. Best known as a vocalist and guitarist, he has gained global recognition and success. In his early musical career, Vello started as a rock metal guitarist in several bands, including Nuova Era, Regoli Band, and Mal di Rock. Eventually, he transitioned to writing pop rock songs and built an extensive discography. His talent and dedication have earned him a place in various rankings and charts, including Radio Airplay, Sorrisi e Canzoni, and Euro indie music chart. He has participated in various events, including the Notte Italiana in Riga, where he shared the stage with artists like Tiziana Rivale and many others. Additionally, his music has been featured on numerous compilations alongside renowned Italian and international musicians.

The latest release from Riccardo Vello is the single Tu Dove Sei, available from major digital music stores. The song tells the emotional tale of a lost love intertwined with a glimpse of optimism for a new beginning. With mellow vocals which beautifully capture the essence of the song, and a memorable though nostalgic chorus in the classic Italian singer-songwriter style, this track is sure to be another success for this very talented and versatile artist. The original guitar accompaniment is both captivating and technically complex, and wonderfully complement the emotions expressed in the song. The arrangements were done by Max Mungari of Max Mungari Studio, the vocals were recorded by Andrea Nardoni of Relaxo Studio and the mastering by Tommy Bianchi of White Sound Studio.

Riccardo Vello’s skills and range as a musician together with his ability to express emotions and tell a story through his music mean that he can turn his hand to a wide range of genres and styles. His fan base is growing exponentially and he is becoming better known by the day. And deservedly so. This latest single consolidates Vello’s positions as an artist to be watched. Do not miss out on this latest offering from this extremely talented performer.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni