Bluombre & Safil rhyme with SUMMER. “Tequila and Love”

Take the eclectic Bluombre and the explosive Safil, shake them and serve them fresh. All this in the scorching summer that awaits us. And here’s “Tequila & Love,” what we need for a new and powerful summer. But let’s not fall into the trap of the “summer hit” with all rhythm and no brains. Here we are facing a true and genuine search for the perfect balance between pop and dance, between the lightness of a beach song and a lyrics to listen to.

Here, we talk about those loves that arise suddenly and end with the return to everyday life. But then they can come back, precisely with the new summer season, as if life had two parallel planes: the daily routine and carefree summer freedom. And that’s a bit of what this song wants to be, not a sudden burst but something more enduring. This parallelism between lyrics and concept is proof that great music can be made even in often underrated genres.

The video that accompanies the song is, as you can imagine, equally well thought out and researched in detail. Filmed between Germany (where Safil lives) and Naples (where the female protagonist Imma di Fusco is from), it visually tells this love story of distances and closeness.

A song to savor and listen to repeatedly, and above all, to be listened to again in the different versions that, in true Bluombre style, will periodically be released. Certainly, soon there will be the Spanish version that will enhance the Latin flavor and reggaeton mood. In short, when a path opens up with Bluombre, we know that every nuance will be captured. And we can’t wait!

Available on all digital platforms.