NLH class is not water… it belongs to the family! New single.

“Ho un sassolino nella scarpa” is the new release of the young NLH dj, son of a famous dj of the 80s and already in the world of music from the tender age of 9 (with an Ipad and an app for mixing he manages to make many people dance during family celebrations). Second single of 2022 for NLH (born in 2003) and follows “Monkey Island”.
And yes, the song is precisely that of 1943, remixed by our NLH in an overwhelming but absolutely respectful version of the original song.
Often DJs get carried away, and the feeling with the guide song is lost, a bit like jazz musicians who totally distort the standards.
Here we are faced with a brilliant reinterpretation that even enhances the success of ’43, so much so that, personally, before I only knew the initial tune and now I can say that I have heard it in full.
With a skilful use of sounds, NLH transports our grandparents’ song into a time machine that transforms into a modern and enthralling song.
The video that accompanies the song is also beautiful, between dances from times gone by and vinyls that run in a loop. Very good NLH, there is never a limit to creativity even in apparently saturated genres.
On all digital platforms.
About the artist: His cultural background ranges in every musical genre, among his favorites Ray Charles, Steve Wonder, Quincy Jones, Pino Daniele, Frank Sinatra, Kiss, ACDC and many others. From 2020 NLH began to create tech-house and techno tracks and this experience, combined with a mix of tastes, allow him to address all types of audiences, but above all, all ages during musical events.