Barricade Babies is a reflection on the current state of the world, and in particular, the UK.

The song delivers an assault on the polarised split that exists in so many aspects of our lives today. From left- and right-wing politics, extremely uneven wealth distribution, fervent religious intolerance and still no real shift in attitudes regarding skin colour, the song highlights the imbalance that exists at the rotting core of our social structures.

The song starts by addressing the futility of modern politics. The reality being that it really doesn’t matter which way you vote because elections are no longer a legitimate reflection of public opinion. They are less about politics and more of a popularity contest, largely decided by media moguls.

The song then moves on to social attitudes between the haves and the have nots. We have a UK government that has such a strong grip, as a result of populist electioneering, that it doesn’t even try to hide its inept ability to run the country. And, because they lead by example, people care about each other less and less as they are worn down by successive government immorality.

The third verse addresses world politics a little more. We are spoon fed hatred for other countries and cultures, and wars are declared, won and lost on a regular basis. At the same time it’s business as usual for the top tier oligarchs, doing deals with each other regardless of pollical boundaries or consequence.

The last verse is about how society dances to the tune of a few elite actors on the world stage. But the good news is that, like everyone else, they can’t escape the final curtain call!

Although at first glance the song seems a little negative it is really a call to action. There is only one solution to this global sickness and it’s not voting, demonstrating or keeping your head down.

Education and respect for each other is the answer.