An author, healer, multi-instrumentalist, singer, social worker, world traveller,
leader of high-IQ Poetic Genius Society, Scottish Lord, a self-defense specialist
and a monk – to name only a few of his accomplishments – mAncient is back with
a new album entitled “Holy Warriors” as well as a brand new, hot-out-of-the-
oven collaborative single “Chakra 10 (Let’s Pray)” that features his label mate
Tom Tikka. Both releases are out on MBTM Records.
This is an album that serves only one main purpose: to heal the listener. Says
Nature is my healer. Some tracks on “Holy Warriors” feature the symphony of birds
recorded live. Chakra 8 features a live recording of bees as well. And if you notice
the howl of a wolf … that’s my dog, Trollheads Nessi, who has a strong wolf-vibe to
her howl. My goal is to give healing to the listener. Frequent listening may come
with some side effects: increased concentration, happiness, and moments of bliss.
Just as his attitude towards making music suggests, mAncient is on a mission to
make planet earth a better place, and he has been quite successful at it, too. In
addition to being included in the World Book of Peace, he is using his global
network of 200.000 or so like-minded followers to bring about positive change
wherever there is a need. And believe it or not, somewhere on the way, he has
also founded both the Earth House Church and the Earth House Charity – a
driven individual by anyone’s standards.
In 2021, mAncient’s music passed the 6-million mark in streams. It’s quite a feat
in this day and age. But don’t take that as a quality guarantee. Have a listen
yourself. Close your eyes, let the music speak to you and let it embrace you and
let it heal you. Our guess is that just like so many before you, you will also find
yourself pressing play again and again … and again.