The Future looks bright

Leuven, Belgium, 28 June 2022
After more than 3 years, Pilod are back with a new single and video: discover it here!
A shared love of alternative guitar music has led them to share their music since 2013. In the
infamous words of the legendary Spice Girls, “3 became 4”. Pilod (BE) even became a quartet
recently. The Future looks bright is a counterbalance to the times we live in:
The war in Ukraine, the energy crisis, global warming and natural disasters, refugee flows, a new
pandemic? So many challenges that make it difficult for us to keep calm. With a lot of willpower,
solidarity and a positive attitude, we can overcome them. There is no other option, no ? “The future
looks bright”. Is the song ironic, naïve or hopeful? Judge for yourself, but above all enjoy Pilod’s
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