NY based, Boston bred, singer-rapper VALA unveils a music video for her new single “Baddest Bitch.” Known primarily for her songs around mental health solidarity, her single “Baddest Bitch” is about self-confidence and standing up for yourself. According to Vala, “In today’s world, it often seems that you can’t feel good about yourself or something that you’ve done without someone criticizing you. Sharks—those who try to use others for their own advantage — are everywhere. They are at every job that you work, they can be the people you meet, and the song is about how you handle those interactions with them that shape who you are going to be.”

In the video (which is partially animated), the animation shows Vala vs. the villain – who is an actual shark, personified. At the start of the video, Vala is in a retro TV when a remote reaches to the TV and changes the channel to the animation where it’s Vala vs. the shark in a series of scenes ranging from the gladiator arenas in ancient Rome to scenes in which she’s fighting zombies.  All of this is to create one underlying message: be confident in yourself, and don’t let anybody try to change who you are.

Growing up, music saved VALA’s life. Writing lyrics would allow her to briefly escape her tough reality, allowing her to connect with her inner self. Her emotional experiences with music prompted her to become a lyricist, a musician, and an artist. Her music has been called, “raw, honest, and affecting.”