Debut song for the Apulian band “Ladri di fiori”

“Fiori di Loto” is the title of their first single.
Already from the beginning of the song I let myself be conquered by the sound of an acoustic guitar which immediately leads me to start this journey towards the Sun, a well written and well “interpreted” text. There is quality in these guys, their different but well blended styles bring me back to a painting with different colors but which create a positive landscape, a bit like when you are about to reach a seaside place so carefree and joyful to be conquered by so much beauty. Maybe nothing came of it but listening to this song this was my sound sensation.

A man who lives in social discomfort, almost lost in his melancholy who does not give up, and tries somehow thanks to hope and his determination (he feels right in the second verse) to get out of this difficult moment and find his way into full serenity. Metaphorically, just like the lotus flower does, which, being born in the mud, finds its way closer and closer to paradise …

You can listen to Fiori di Loto on all digital platforms and Help music platforms.
We await the next song curious to find out if they will follow the path already traced by this sound.
Article by Giosef