Discover ‘Meat Poppet’ stunning Rock with power made by outstanding band ‘Rat Baht’ the November 10th in Formula Indie

Discover ‘Meat Poppet’ stunning Rock with power made by outstanding band ‘Rat Baht’ the November 9th in Formula Indie

The Meat Poppet / Sweet Puppet EP is the latest release from RAT BATH’s debut album Rat From Hell, coming out in Feb of 2022.
The album follows the story of a witch whose powers are rendered useless when a demon who was paid to capture them appears in their home. Without their magic, the witch is forced to physically fight the demon. The witch, known as Dead Ol’ Fred, wins the first battle although later being captured.
“Meat Poppet” illuminates the moment in the story when Fred finally regains their powers and threatens the demon “if you touch me again, I will take your fucking hands.” Now more powerful than their antagonist, Fred is confident in their abilities to defeat the demon for good.
The defeat does not come through blood-shed, however. On the track “Sweet Puppet,” the main character realizes the only way to truly break their ties with the demon is to resolve their trauma with the person who it has been working for this whole time. This also the track where the album receives it’s title from the line “can’t you see? The ritual is me. I am a rat from hell, sent for your teeth.”
There is a deeper meaning to this gruesome tale. In the beginning of the album it is explained that the demon was paid a bounty to capture Fred by a rapist who had previously attacked them. The demon represents trauma and how it manifests in one’s life. Sometimes as fear, anger, grief, and even as desire or longing. Fred’s story concludes in this upcoming release.
This album was based closely on the lyricist own struggle with trauma and is being shared with the world with the intent to not only give voice to those resolving their own trauma but to help end stigmatization of survivors of sexual assault