Multi Genre chart topper Vineet invents a time machine!

Sometimes, the present can be so unkind and the future is uncertain for all. So where does one go to feel that magical feeling of togetherness, even romantic highs?

We can Turn Back Time to tap into our sparkling memories for some uplifting moments. Our memories are an abundant source of so much love we have felt and can be a wonderful ‘map of desire’ that we need back in our lives, for the future.

TURNING BACK TIME is an upbeat synth pop song. The lyrics make you delve into your most magical memories only to emerge feeling like you want to touch those memories and make them real again. The music is designed to make you slightly ‘rewind’ to the wonderful years of sweet synth based pop melodies as created by synth pop legends like Daft Punk and yet the song is very original and enhanced technically & musically with today’s production effervescence and pop chart relevance!

The music video of the song uses ‘reversing time’ literally but it attempts to create a vibrant upbeat mood of people immersing themselves in their memories. Various symbols of time and space, rewind, to aesthetically enhance the appeal of the video. The video also comes with lyric subtitles.

The song was released on radio stations in the USA, Europe, Asia and on the digital streaming sites on July 8th 2021.

Vineet said ‘Turning Back Time is a cool way to energize yourself by rewinding into your own magical memories, thus keeping your hopes & desires burning bright for the future, even if your present is momentarily lackluster’