‘Jab The world’ by Vineet dreams about a vaccine that cures ‘hate’ !

After topping the independent radio charts with his first single of 2021, ‘Dreaming out Loud’ and then ‘Can I Go Now’ with his family band Avni Vir Vineet, Vineet is back with his third single of 2021, Jab The World.

Vineet says : I wrote JAB THE WORLD, first, as a tribute to doctors and people in the front line who were focussed on bringing humanity back on track and to the wonderful scientists who toiled from lab to jab! But more than that I wrote it for myself to keep my own optimism fuelled that one day soon we will have a cure, perhaps a biological vaccine that makes human beings incapable of hate & negativity.

My song ‘Jab The World’ imagines that the ‘anti hate’ vaccine is already launched and everyone who’s been jabbed, can’t help but rock to the beat of togetherness it promises. The video showcases everyone from World leaders to doctors to the police to your neighbour, NOW biologically immune to hate, gender bias, discrimination, racism, climate apathy and therefore dancing with abandon!

The song has a synth rock & guitar vibe coupled with a ‘dance rock’ celebratory beat! It is mixed to be punchy like my rock influences mainly Van Halen, KISS or ACDC. However it easily crosses over beyond rock to connect with anyone looking to dance to the beat of humanity!

I enjoyed singing this tremendously as it is powered with positive angsty vocals, if there is such a thing!

The song is doing really well on Rock radio in the US and will soon be on the best radio stations in Europe. The video of the song was premiered by Rolling Stone Magazine