“Ladies listen up!” That is See Your Shadow’s call to attention on the
2021 ladies anthem I Know My Worth. The groovy cut stacked with Country,
Pop and Hiphop/ Rap influences is a celebration of femininity, an
assertion of self and a clarion call for women to “Rise up, speak up,
it’s time to take a stand.” It is a funky tune that is extremely
enjoyable while at the same time socially conscious in a manner that
ignites a conversation around gender issues with the aim to redress
gender insensitive practices and gender-based prejudice in the society.
For women, this is the perfect song to assert their dignity and sense of
self to in 2021.

As the artistic director of See Your Shadow songwriting, Coleman writes
and produces all the music composed and released by the collective which
comprises several talented vocalists and musicians who collaborate in
creating the group’s music. Coleman’s exceptional songwriting skills
come to full display in I Know My Worth. The song’s lyrics are
compellingly powerful and transformational, effectively achieving the
intended objective of asserting women’s place in the society as people
who deserve dignified treatment and respect as well.

The first verse finds a gifted female rapping about how women are
subjected to societal judgement and scrutiny over their age and
appearance while being forced to conform to standards that are skewed
against their favour. She says this “living up to perfection as defined
by someone else” is “a surefire way to lower your sense of self worth.”

The affirmative and soothingly soulful chorus “I’m worthy, worthy” then
takes over before topping off in the bridge “Sing, I know my worth.” The
second and third verses are a continuation of self affirmation as well
as the castigation of gender prejudice addressed in the first verse. The
whole song is underlain by the same creative ideal that is
characteristic of all the music made by See Your Shadow Storytelling.

Complimenting the song’s lyrics, the instrumental is well done and
elevates the song to a higher level of artistic appeal. The melodic
riffs of the guitar, heavy thumping of drums and the tacky plucks of the
banjo snugly blend into each other creating a euphonious harmony
creating a lavish sound that is extremely pleasurable to listen to. The
layering of vocals by various vocalists broadens the creative diversity
on the song and makes it more pleasant to listen to.

I Know My Worth is a welcome addition to the catalogue of songs that
advocate for female emancipation and empowerment. A poignant expression
of the need for women to be accorded respect and given an equal chance
to opportunities, this song will without a doubt initiate a change in
how women are treated as well as encourage them to speak up and stand up
for their rights.

-Kenneth Dwyer