Euro Indie Music Chart -Weekly Mix 

The Euro Indie Music Chart -Weekly Mix is an auto-dj music show on air every day from 18.00 to 02.00 on EuroIndieMusic Radio

General rotation playlists can be ‘weighted’ to ensure that tracks from one general rotation playlist are played more or less frequently than tracks from other general rotation playlists. This can be used to ensure that new releases are played more frequently than older tracks, for example.

Select a weight for this playlist below. Songs in playlists with higher weights play more frequently than songs in playlists with lower weights.

Playback weight for random rotation- From 1 to 20 (based on last Euro Indie Music Chart)

TOP 40 -Pool A (Value:20)

Top 200 – Pool B (Value:5)

Top 500 – Pool C (Value : 2)