🇦🇺 Rhett May -Cocktails and Cannabis


Genre Rock, Alt. Rock Location Australia Label Indie Website Click Here Songwriter/Publisher Rhett May - APRA “Rhett May” Australian song smith Rhett May has returned with a smoking hot rock track ‘Cocktails and Cannabis’. A singer-songwriter of immense talent. RAW…and with beautifully placed guitar riffs, amazing vocals and stellar song writing…Rhett’s music has a very different flavour to the current cookie-cutter rock music…or anything else around today. Largely influenced by the classic song-writing of John Lennon, the Beatles, Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones, Rhett May is a rock singer who has moulded his own unique sound over several decades in the industry. With a musical career that spans back to the seventies when his band Lucifer supported legendary rock band Queen, and even catching the interest of George Harrison and The Beatles label, Apple Records. Rhett May is a voice of experience in a rock world which has become increasingly shallow. He has toured the world, seen the music industry from the inside and watched the dark side of the business consume those around him. Throughout those experiences Rhett May continually turned away the excesses of the industry, choosing instead to write his own story as opposed to those who fell into the clutches of addiction. Having spent a large part of his childhood in Calcutta, India, his guitar led songs are infused with the sounds of the Indian streets. By blending classic sensibilities with a twist of Indian culture he has created a string of singles off his last couple of albums ‘Creatures of the Night’ and ‘Fast Cars and Sitars’ A definitive movement away from his initial offerings, ‘Cocktails and Cannabis’ is a beautifully constructed release perfect for the commercial market. As one scribe gushed….”Very Haight Ashbury…’Cocktails and Cannabis’ pushes the boundaries with a sexy, sensual groove and catchy lyrics that go round and round inside your head”.

2019 Euro Indie Music Chart

Rank Stage Coeff. Points
3 Week 29.19 783.2 15
4 Week 34.19 900.2 12
51 Week 17.19 420 0
50 Week 18.19 486 0
20 Week 19.19 608 0
12 Week 20.19 666.4 0
9 Week 21.19 761.8 2
9 Week 22.19 719.6 2
13 Week 23.19 612.2 0
16 Week 24.19 535 0
40 Week 26.19 466.8 0
35 Week 27.19 475.2 0
8 Week 28.19 673.8 4
5 Week 30.19 895.8 10
4 Week 31.19 992.6 12
5 Week 32.19 944.8 10
2 Week 33.19 979.4 18

2019 Oceanian League

Rank Stage Coeff. Points
1 Oceanian League - Week 35.19 923.8 25