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United States

33-year sober, serial entrepreneur, off and on millionaire, Dad of 4, Grandpa of 4 more and all around defiant Renaissance Man; visionary singer-songwriter Chuck Whyard (aka “C Wired”) hit critical pay dirt out of the box earlier in 2018 with Omega, the explosive, eclectic and uber-literate debut EP. The music powerful, the lyrical poetry fascinating, but there was a missing piece – a fully committed band to bring his majestic, earthy yet ethereal songs to life. C Wired’s feisty, fiery, literate and poetic as Shakespeare follow-up EP Angel Circuit Engaged has all the eclectic styles and spiritual transcendence that Omega had, but with a crucial difference: C Wired’s bold vision executed brilliantly by an ensemble comprised of Producer Addison Smith (guitars, Moog synth), Andrew Renner (bass) and Daniel Kelly (percussion). Making a return appearance is Omega producer Sol Philcox-Littlefield  with Wil Houchens adding his tasteful magic on keyboards. Gashouse Radio wrote that Omega “fuses together stylistic cues from rock, country, folk and even pop music to create a sonically sophisticated sound that challenges the rules of all four genres without abrasively wrecking our stereo speakers” Music Existence called it, “an excellent jumping off point for a band that openly rejects the concept of being put in a box,” while The Ark of Music dubbed it “brave and abstract unencumbered and refreshing, the sonic equivalent of a Tony Robbins seminar, urging a freer mind and a more open heart to form a body of work that is unique to say the least and arguably crucial” C’s music reflects a life that’s a proverbial magic carpet ride. It began on the outskirts of Detroit, includes years in NY, DC and is now making waves haunting the quaint hamlet of Berkeley Springs, WV. C Wired lives with no boundaries, following his personal credo that “my only rules are do no harm and stay out of jail. Everything else is fair game. It’s all right there in his sound bite filled mission statement: “Self-introspection. Spiritual Evolution. Sexual Expansion. Freedom from guilt and fear. Joy in Being. No boundaries. No limitations. No judgment.

2018 Euro Indie Music Chart

Rank Stage Coeff. Points
10 Week 52.18 781.6 1

2019 Euro Indie Music Chart

Rank Stage Coeff. Points
10 Week 3.19 745 1
6 Week 1.19 848.8 8
7 Week 2.19 800 6
16 Week 4.19 677 0
34 Week 5.19 629 0
26 Week 6.19 675.8 0
31 Week 7.19 608.6 0
33 Week 8.19 566.2 0
48 Week 10.19 438 0
32 Week 9.19 545.2 0
56 Week 11.19 282.8 0
76 Week 12.19 180.2 0
113 Week 13.19 101.2 0
133 Week 14.19 72.6 0

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